2019 Media, Q2

Ansdell, M.; Marchis, F.; Waldman, A. (06/24). Adam Savage’s Tested: What Exoplanets Look Like in Film vs. Reality, Offworld Episode 23; discussion of exoplanet imaging and what we know about planets astronomers have detected so far.

Deneau, L.; Thomas, C.; Marchis, F. (05/01). IAA: Planetary Defense Conference; Facebook discussion about NEAs, DART, ATLAS and more ways to defend our planet against asteroid impacts.

Marchis, F.; Waldman, A. (04/18). SETI Institute: Spacebook Live, Facebook event; discussion about working in Antarctica.

Lakdawalla, E.; Marchis, F. (04/08). The Planetary Society: planetary science Facebook discussion about advocacy, education, and projects; including The Planetary Report.

Marchis, F. (06/29). Studying Other Blue Dots and the Heart of Exoplanet Research, Star’s Up event in Meudon, France; talk about exoplanet research at SETI Institute.

Marchis, F. (05/17). StartOut, Demo Day, Unistellar eVscope, San Francisco, CA

Marchis, F. (05/09). NightLife in Space: Other Earths, California Academy of Sciences (CAS); talk on what is involved in detecting and characterizing exoplanets.

Marchis, F. (04/15). Rose City Astronomy (RCA) General Meeting: Another Pale Blue Dot — Inside the SETI Institute’s Search for Exoplanets, Rose City Oregon; event discussion of new and sophisticated projects which aim to image exoplanets directly, followed by a scientific demonstration of SETI Institute partner Unistellar eVscope technology.


2019 Media, Q1

Revealing the true Nature of Asteroids

As the Shutdown Persists, Here Are 5 Ways It Will Impact Science

Calling Exogeophysicists to Solve the Mystery of Super-Earths

SETI Institute signs MOU with Unistellar to develop and enhance a citizen science network

Unistellar Raises €2.1 Million For Its Revolutionary Digital Telescope

Another Pale Blue Dot: Inside SETI Institute’s Exoplanet Search with Dr. Franck Marchis

Randall Museum Lectures

Another Pale Blue Dot: The Search for Exoplanets
California Academy of Sciences, Benjamin Dean Astronomy Lectures

Stars & Stardust, Unistellar demo during CES 2019 at the Neon Museum

Selection and Finalist at the SPIE Startup Challenge for Unistellar

Selection for the Innovation Award at SXSW

Invited to present Exotopia at the San Jose Museum of Arts

Invitation to speak at Simulation
#299 Dr. Franck Marchis – Imaging The Cosmos


Previous Appearances

  • Planetary Astronomer Franck Marchis
    Planetary Society Radio Show Air Date: 05/07/2012


  • The Gemini Planet Imager: Worlds Made Visible http://www.planetary.org/multimedia/planetary-radio/show/2014/20140113-gemini-planet-imager-macintosh-marchis.html
    Planetary Society Radio Show Air Date: 01/14/2012


  • Hektor, die kosmische Erdnuss
    deutschlandfunk, Von Guido Meyer March 12 2014


  • Pluto Occults! Join Us on the Mountain
    Planetary Society Radio Show Air Date: 08/22/2018


  • Setting up my telescope at Dolores Park on June 6 2012 (see http://cosmicdiary.org/fmarchis/2012/06/11/june-2012-transit-of-venus-from-san-francisco-to-mars/)


  • E=M6
    Number 356. Diffuse le 16 fevrier 2003
    Interview dans Io: La volcanique lune de Jupiter


  • Archimede
    Le magazine scientifique et technique d’ARTE
    Diffusion du 13 juin 2000


  • Optique Adaptative
    Archive source in “Asteroids: The good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
    November 3 2010


  • How the Earth works
    Science Channel
    October 30, 2012
    Will Hawaii sing L.A.?


  • Entre Terre et Ciel
    Diffuse sur ARTE le 16 septembre 2014
    Directed by Jean-Phillipe Urbach Californie: A l’ecoute des extraterrestres


  • Disaster Playground
    Lead Cast and Scientific Advisor


  • Franck Marchis, un Réunionnais chasseur d’exoplanètes et de vie extraterrestre au SETI Institute
    December 2, 2016


  • Ouverture du 4ème Salon Régional de la Jeunesse
    O’tv Regardez La Réunion
    December 2, 2016


  • Life in Outer Space episode
    Somadrone Documentary Series for Discovery USA, France 5, N24 Germany & TVE Spain


  • Sommes-nous (vraiment) seuls dans l’Univers
    C8, August 5, 2018


  • Cosmic Front Episode:
    The Tagish Lake Meteorite
    Aired on April 20th 2018 on NHK BS premium 22:00–22:59