GPI press releases describing the mid-course survey paper involving Marchis, F. and Nielsen, E.

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Titanic volcanic eruption seen on Io
New Scientist 14 November 2002 by Will Knight

Triple Asteroid System Discovered
by FRASER CAIN on AUGUST 11, 2005 in Universe Today

By Henry Fountain, New York Time Published in August 16, 2005

Scientists discover asteroid with moons / Tiny planetary system orbiting between Mars and Jupiter
David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor Published 4:00 am, Thursday, August 11, 2005

On Top of the World With the SETI Institute
by Gail Jacobs,, September 17, 2009

All Eyepieces on Jupiter After a Big Impact
By DENNIS OVERBYE New York Time July 21 2009

A dog-bone-shaped asteroid’s two moons: Kleopatra, Cleoselene, and Alexhelios
Planetary Society Blog by E. Lakdawalla, Feb 23 1011

Volcanic Eruptions on Jupiter’s ‘Pizza Moon’ Io Spotted from Earth
Elizabeth Howell, Contributor   |   October 29, 2012 04:05pm ET

What Caused the Recent Explosion at Jupiter?
by NANCY ATKINSON on SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 Universe Today

Occultation par l’asteroide Sylvia
Jean-Luc Dauvergne, Ciel et Espace , Janvier 2013

Star Trek s’invite autour de Pluton
Jean-Luc Dauvergne, Ciel et Espace , April 2013

Astronomers Monitor Volcanic Activity On Jupiter’s Moon Io From Earth
Lawrence LeBlond for – Your Universe Online Oct 2012

Is there anyone out there? Better build a bigger telescope
by Eric Berger
Published in Houston Chronicle on Oct 20, 2013

No shuttle? No problem. Five spaceflight missions to get excited about
by Eric Berger, Published in Houston Chronicle on Aug 13, 2013

Origami Nanosats: The Future of Space Telescopes?
Planetary Society Blog by C. Dreier on Oct 1 2013

Bizarre Orbit of Weird Asteroid’s Moon Revealed
BY IAN O’NEILL, Published in Feb 27, 2014

Cientistas desvendam a órbita mais estranha de uma lua no universo
by Vanessa Daraya, de INFO Online Feb 28 1014

Did An Icy Collision Produce The Odd Shape Of Asteroid 624 Hektor?
by ELIZABETH HOWELL on FEBRUARY 28, 2014, Universe Today

Раскрыта орбита спутника экзотического астероида 624 Hektor
In Future.Ru

Cosmic Peanut Points to Ancient Mystery
In National, A. Fazekas, Mar 2 2014

Keck illuminates asteroid’s moon
In Hawaii Tribune Herald March 4, 2014

Hektor, die kosmische Erdnuss
deutschlandfunk, Von Guido Meyer March 12 2014

These Are Some of the Solar System’s Biggest Surprises
In, Nadia Drake, March 27 2014

Updated! Zoomable Poster Now Shows Off 54 Years Of Space Exploration
by Elizabeth Howell on May 20, 2014

Io et ses volcans : une interview de Franck Marchis
Futura-Sciences by Laurent Sacco, 27 juillet 2014

Spot ET’s waste heat for chance to find alien life
New Scientist, Rachel Ehrenberg, 20 August 2014

My Night in the Stratosphere
Sky and Telescope blog, Kelly Beatty, March 4 2015

Found! ‘Young Jupiter,’ the Smallest Exoplanet Directly Seen by Telescope, Charles Q. Choi, August 13 2015

Astronomers Glimpse a Young Jupiter, 51 Eridani b
Scientific American blog by Lee Billings, August 14 2015

Non, SETI n’a pas encore detecte de signal E.T
Ciel et Espace, blog post translated in French by Jean-Luc Dauvergne, September 1 2016

Strange Signal Detected by Russian Radio Telescope
Spaceflight Inside, by Larry Klaes, August 31, 2016

Sorry, turns out the ‘alien signal’ really came from Earth
the Daily Dot by Cynthia McKelvey, September 2 2016

In The Search For Alien Life, An All-Too-Human Communication Failure
Fast Company, by Cale Wissman, September 12, 2016

Le salon de la Jeunesse, c’est jusqu’à demain
Le Journal de La Reunion, December 2 2016

Life on Trappist-1  
Morning Rush radio show hosted by Bill Carroll on 580CFRA radio Ottawa, February 23 2017